Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Northern Vietnam

in a few hours time I'd be boarding the plane to Hanoi! Hopefully then after the trip I'd keep to my word and update this blog of mine! :)

be back on the 26th! till then.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Note to self

Gosh. I've not been updating this blog a very very long time. There's so much to update...but not right now. been bz with stuff.

will be back. till then.

Friday, February 13, 2009

the IXUS

Just right after coming back from my expedition to Mt. Stong...I got myself a Canon IXUS 980IS!!!! This is to replace my old chunky Canon S1 Powershot which I have grown tired of. My patience finally wears off after Stong since most of the pictures I've taken did not come out nice at all! I guess the aging 3.2 megapixels semi-pro cam couldnt do the trick anymore! To add to my frustration, I had to spend so much on changing the 4 AA batteries which the cam drains them dry just after only taking <35 shots! Of course I could get the lithium AA batteries which will last much longer, but those costs alot more!

There's so many other places I planned to visit this year and I definitely want something more reliable so that I can use to capture pictures of the places Ive visted, in hopes that the digital representation of the places can convey how nice/great/breathtaking/etc a place is! :D

Well I hope all that justifies the reason that I bought the IXUS. Btw the IXUS was not the model that I initially set out to buy.

I was in fact eyeing on Panasonic Lumix FX-180 for quite some time. Admittedly, I had a favouritism towards the Lumix since I had a satisfying experience using it...before it was stolen. I would have bought the FX-180 without considering the IXUS 980is...but just sooooooo apparently the shops that I went to in 1U did not have the color black! How disappointing! Because of that I looked around alittle and had my eyes forth on the IXUS which I come to think now that it's perhaps the better buy than the Lumix. I'm loving it so far ;]

Here's the new beau, please meet IXUS 980is ^^

And here are the features;

I took a few shots here and there, tried out some of the features, uploaded them to the computer, tested the TV output...doing just about all the common things one would do when you first buy something new with the aim to simply get a feel of it butttt come tomorrow... I'll be heading out to Broga Hills, a place famed for it's amazing scenary. Time to take the new cam out and put it to the test!

I'll post up the pictures when I get back!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gunung Stong awaits!

a 12-hour train ride, caving, waterfalls, mountains to summit, a sunrise to catch, embarking on a 3day3nights adventure.! :D


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Batu Arang

Me and my colleagues tried out a new route today, venturing into the area around Batu Arang. Initially we plan to go to Kuala Selangor but we took the shorter one instead since it was nearning noon and it will take probably another 3hrs to complete if we had gone to KS.

I'll write more about it and post up the pics once i get my hands on them ;]

[Edit] 3.FEB.09 - Here's the full story!

Wer' supposed to be riding at Hulu Langat that weekend, doing the usual route that starts from the base at Lookout Point heading towards Sg. Gabai waterfall and back. But since BigD and B couldnt make it, we decided then to try a new route. This time...doing one of the common PCC's route around Ijok.

The actual route starts from Centrepoint to Batu Arang. That in all takes 117KM! It's too much for us to dig in currently, so we plotted an alternative route and decided to do a loop around Batu Arang which will take us to Batang Berjuntai where we will have the 'infamous kopi-ais to die for'.

The day started early with everyone arriving on time...yes, for the very first time!!! I wonder if the meetup point had anything to do with it. *We had dimsum that morning :D

Just right past 7, we drove straight towards to our starting point at Batu Arang. There are a few ways to get there but I've chosen to go on the route that the cyclist would take and not suprisingly we saw few pockets of cyclists on the way there. I was quite amazed to find that the route it's actually quite nice, especially this one particular section in Jalan Kuala Selangor which is a few kilometers prior the intersection to Batu Arang town. That stretch there was hilly and we can see rolling hills of palm oil trees! Too bad MH dint take any pictures of those! I thought he would had snap afew! arff...

< I'm sorry ppl, but you will have to picture that place I speak of in your mind, i'll promise to replace this spot with that picture whenever I do get a chance to come by there again. Think of BOH plantation except that it's not teas but palm oil ;p >

Probably this could help you visualize...

Anyhow here's the route we took that day.

Btw I'll like to thank MH beforehand for the pics. I left my old chunky camera at home since I was just too lazy to dangle it over my neck. I'll have to get a new compact one day! In fact I almost got myself a Lumix Fx180 a few days back. I was contemplating then; having a difficult time to bring authority back to a mind that is split in two as one side gives into desires while the other half is trying convince me that it's something i dont need. But I guess it's just too bad/lucky that the shop dint have the color I wanted. So that sealed my decision! hahaha. i know i could always jump right off to another shop, but the thoughts having to haggle my way through again, tires me.

Btw, here are some of the select pictures taken that day. Unfortunately, the lens was filled with moist thus ealier shots from the day turned out very foggy.

Us right before start at Batu Arang. It took us abit to decide on a place to park. Being here the first time, we were left clueless but we ended up parking in front of some food stalls which is at the roundabout which is also just right in front of the police station. But anyhow the next time if we do come here again, we'll park at the school nearby. There's much more space there.

The first 10meters!

There is a web of roads here that’s not on google maps, so I had to triangulate my location to make sure I’m going down the right path

Something stands out in this picture

Here’s generally how the road looks like from Point B to C

It’s a long stretch

Us again

KY: You both look odd here.

Me running over to take my bike

Better now? :D

While waiting for KY to setup for the next few shots, we wondered off to look at the scene behind us. I wonder what we were looking then, perhaps the small trees/bushes that I kept asking what fruit it grows

Suppose to be a dusun…I don’t see much except for banana trees

Sadly the Selangor Fruit Farm was closed that Sunday…else it would have been a great refreshing pit stop. We’ll definitely have to come here one day to taste the fruits

That’s a hugeeeeeeee beeeeeeeeeee hiveeeeeeeee. A hive that size…do think a zillion times before you throw a stone at it

@Batang Berjuntai Town. It's just too bad i'm not sure where the "infamous kopi ais that is to die-for" is located so instead we settled for mamak to have another round of breakfast!

From Batang Berjuntai town, we were suppose to head towards to Kuala Selangor before making our way to Ijok before ending the ride back at Batu Arang. That in all checks in at 78KM. However, we decided not to take the intersection off to Kuala Selangor since it was getting close to noon and we estimate that it'll take us quite some time to complete it thus we cut straight right back to Ijok which brings us to a mere 38KM which it took us 2.2Hrs (ride time) to complete.

As far as the eye can see…this is a 7km straight-flat road down to Ijok

Reaching at the intersection before turning left to Batu Arang

That’s the back view of the current route…that means wer’ not going downhill. This route lacks downhill rides :(

I personally like this shot.

Ok…admittedly we were just snapping away since there’s nothing much else to do

Definitely making this as the album cover

Just 4 more KM to go before Batu Arang!

Just abit further from the last point we stop, we snapped away again! Hahaha, here are some more!

“Say cheese!”

The brick factory at Batu Arang town

Finally back at the starting point and it’s time to pack up! I remember I used to struggle trying to take out the front, back tyres before placing them back in the car but I’m getting quite efficient doing it already without breaking a sweat. Anyhow I’d still want to get the bike carrier one day. Too bad the one I wanted doesn’t fit nicely on the back of the satria or on any hatchback cars for that matter

I’ll always have this ‘tattoo’ of the chain on my right leg. At times, it’ll be still there a few days later since I’m lazy to scrub it off

Two bikes at the back of the hood! It could fit three. I tried that once before, a puzzling Nightmare.

Ok, that's the end of it. I'll like to come back here one day and go all the way to Kuala Selangor to visit the lighthouse and the fort!! Till then! Kringg Kringgg

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

While everyone else is making the migration back to their respective hometowns, i'm left behind rotting! Anyhow beats getting stuck in a crawl. :D

btw, PCC's latest newsletter has dropped some details on PCC Interstate 09! Yippie! This year's route will start from Seremban - Gemas - Gunung Ledang and finally ending at Melaka! Will post more information about it when I get more details...

PCC Interstate 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gunung Datuk, Rembau

I dont know what got into me, having just had a tough ride this morning to Genting Sempah...i agreed with my colleague to join him to climb Gunung Datuk the morning after!

None of us been there, so I'm not sure what to expect other than the scenic view that awaits at the top of the peak. So we blindly followed the organizers of the event from Malaysia Outdoor Treking HIking society (MOTS) whom a strong crowd of 46 outdoor enthusiast showed up! It's so fun! Most of them "did that, done that" from scuba to sky diving! I even met up with some cyclist there! Amazingly akward since the first few of us who reached up the peak, cycles!

I'll definitely organize a cycling event and invite them one day! Btw here are the pics!

On the way to foothill

At the foothill. Every entrant have to pay RM2 dollars to the rangers.

On the way to the top.

There are ladders in place to assist the final ascent up to the peak!

A few more steps to go...

Gunung Datuk di Rembau, Seremban. Conquered.

Some shots at the top

Pratice caution. Extremely hazardous up here.

Here's the shoe from KK! Still looks good eh, ;D

Everyone's taking a break enjoying both the sight and the breezzyyy wind. We lepak up there for almost one hour +

Next time...i'll bring sandwiches there! :

There's isnt much pictures taken on the way up/down. Since it's all canopied in dense rainforest and there's nothing much to take.

[Trip Summary]
- The drive from KL to foothill takes roughly about 1.5HRS
- The climb up took 2HRS while the decent down takes at least 1.5HRS.
- The hiking trail is straightforward with clear walkways.

- It's enjoyable since the view at the top pays the hardships to get there. I'll most certainly revisit sometime soon!